Meet the team in which experience of years and youth enthusiasm have been interwoven in the self-expression of co-thinkers.

Life and career paths of the team members are different. Armen Bubushyan and Hayk Payaslyan belong to the older generation. With a career of 30 years, they have worked together for 15 years. Each has his own creed: one's is in the art, the other one's – in organization. As a result of complimentarity, the duet has created an arsenal of over 200 projects in design of exterior and interior. While gaining experience, they mastered an understanding of composition and construction of architecture. A number of buildings from the ground up are on hand. A good example of artistic collaboration of people with different temparament and aptitude but consistent in understanding of partnership and friendship. Professors of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts have educated generations of good designers.

Young specialists introduced in the “Art Impact Studio” team are among the best of their “creations”. Ruben Bubushyan, a designer, candidate of Art Studies and a specialist in computer-aided design, is one of them. The young teammates also have differenet preferences: design, landscape painting, sculpture, ceramics, animation. Energetic, assertive, creative – these are the collegueas which not only can be trusted the «relay pencil» but also make them feel the unquenchable youth spirit of artistic life.

Art Impact (hit by art – education of a style). We stand up to the hit of the most demanding clients.